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"It’s like shopping - in reverse!" So good.


Life Story Magazine, May, 1944

You can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you can’t have both.

Brene Brown (via jessicadfain)

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Boba Tea Milk Ice Cream Bar!

This is actually a good DIY idea! I’m thinking that the same recipe I use to make homemade boba tea can be used but just add more milk (so it’s creamier) and just freeze it? I can’t find a recipe online for this but that’s how I’d do it!

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May 1971

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One Answer to Low-Wage Work: Redistributing the Gains 

There’s nothing like doubling-down on something that isn’t working: "One way we already redistribute is through the Earned Income Tax Credit, a wage subsidy for the working poor, which, at about $60 billion a year, is the nation’s largest anti-poverty program. It’s like a reverse income tax — larger at the bottom of the wage scale (now around $3,000 for incomes around $20,000) and gradually tapering off as incomes rise (vanishing at around $35,000). The EITC subsidy should be enlarged and extended further up the wage scale before tapering off."


The President’s speech yesterday on inequality avoided the “R” word. No politician wants to mention “redistribution” because it conjures up images of worthy “makers” forced to hand over hard-earned income to undeserving “takers.”

But as low-wage work proliferates in America, so-called takers are…


Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

It’s a very good place to start.

I sometimes wonder what it would be like not to believe in God. There are millions of people who don’t. I didn’t really grow up with any sort of meaningful faith, but I, on some level, always believed in God. I just… did.

So it’s strange to me that some don’t. I’m not even talking about the Christian Gospel here. That’s a whole ‘nother blog, a whole ‘nother lifetime of blogs really. I’m talking about folks who live their life with a pretext of meaninglessness.

Because, to me, the idea of meaninglessness cannot exist. It is, on some level, a kind of meaning. And the one who has decided that there is no meaning, no One who means, has in one sense provided for himself a kind of meaning.

We all need it. We all need the answer to this basic question. We all need this basic longing satisfied. We all need our fears assuaged.

Weird, right? To me, the minute this thought enters your mind, this question of meaning, of some sort of intelligent purpose to what we empirically observe, it’s all over. Who has lived a life without pondering this? No one. No one has gotten up every morning and just gone about their work like a lemming, mindlessly shoving food into their mouth and repeating the next day. We all have dreams. We all have hopes. We all have longing. Why?


The Session Musicians Who Dominated Nineteen-Sixties Pop



Ben Greenman writes about the Wrecking Crew, a “loosely affiliated assembly of musicians,” and the subject of a documentary, “We Got Good At It”:

“Rarely credited on record, the Wrecking Crew nevertheless played for, with, and in the service of nearly every prominent American pop performer of the decade, to the point that it’s probably easier to make a list of the acts it didn’t support.”

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